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Dubd Dubd from Canada (British Columbia) posted @ 31 October 2008 23:03:15
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1993 Corrado 2.8 VR6 SLC

In canada all we seem to have is the OEM 2.8's and people who have taken their 2.8 and had it hacked up and welded into a 2.9L clone.

If anyone has a factory 2.9 for sale and would be willing to ship to Vancouver BC canada let me know please and hopefully we can work something out


icpninja420 icpninja420 from U.S.A. (Wyoming) posted @ 30 May 2009 21:04:05
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M4RTiN M4RTiN from Netherlands (Friesland) posted @ 1 June 2009 15:51:10
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1989 Corrado 1.9 TDI
1993 Corrado R32
1989 Corrado 1.8 16V

i have a black coated one for sale, 2.9 original

Tyler Tyler from Germany (Niedersachsen) posted @ 2 June 2009 09:51:46
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1993 Corrado 2.9 VR6

i have one for sale too. OBD1, polished
shipping to Canada isnt a prob, its off my 1993 vr6 euro spec corrado
PayPal prefered

Auf Wiedersehen, sucka !!

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