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Wish Wish from United Kingdom (Englands North) posted @ 6 October 2009 12:05:06
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Hi M4RT1N, I'm with Tornado on the red theme it still looks a little garish though I will agree with you a little less so now! are you going to try a light green, perhaps lime or similar?

Good work as always, keep it up!


Wish aka Andrew :0)

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M4RTiN M4RTiN from Netherlands (Friesland) posted @ 6 October 2009 13:46:54
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will discuss it with the JakeMeister tonight

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gdsg60 gdsg60 from Netherlands (Noord-Brabant) posted @ 8 January 2010 20:38:51
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like it alot think the whole site is amazing

Kris-G60 Kris-G60 from Switzerland (Zentralschweiz) posted @ 11 January 2010 05:26:13
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Ich Finde das Database Logo gut. Vorher war es aber auch net Kompliment an euch...

Goda666 Goda666 from Netherlands (Flevoland) posted @ 11 January 2010 18:14:43
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1989 Corrado 1.8 G60

Hi Guys,

i like the idea of wish. it gives me an other idea.

I think The black theme makes it very hard to concentrate on the profile image, I mentioned lime green before, maybe you could try that round the last edited pofiles? :

It also nice to edit an other color on your last uploaded showcase map.
(Maybe a small red line round the picture?)

by the way, the red en black themes Looks Perfect! great combination with my corrado!
i like the logo a lot, now it looks like the corrado family!

and i agree with Tornado, Matrin your corrado must be tornado red and black. (for the TDI)

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