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Corrado 16V-G60

Manufacture Date: 1989, model 1990: number 009915
Owner: Yandards from United Kingdom, East-England
Colorcode: LC5Z (Blue pearl effect was delivered from 1988 till 1990)
Bought on date: 22/01/2004

Information / Adjustments :
G60 280mm front discs and calipers
Goodridge braided hose brake lines
G60 driveshafts
Koni Sport Dampers with VR6 H&R 35mm lowering springs
Complete rebush of all suspension rubbers carried out in 2005
Original first aid kit in shrink wrap
Factory fitted cloth 'grey/red' electric Recaros
Pioneer AVIC-X1 Sat Nav Head Unit
Mk 2 Golf scuttle tray with B3 Passat wiper motor cover

16vG60 1.8l installed and running:
Audi RS2 conrods and pistons (around 8.5:1 compresion ratio)
Custom belt tensioning system based on an RPM tuning kit
Pro-alloy Front Mount Intercooler Kit
RPM Tuning intake manifold and water sensor relocation
Rebuilt and ported cylinder head
Ported and knife-edged throttle body
Custom modified G60 wiring loom
BBM RSR Outlet
22 row oil cooler
Stage V G-Werks rebuilt supercharger
G60 Radiator
Ported exhaust manifold into JMR/Milltek downpipe onto full Milltek stainless exhaust
Innovate wideband lambda controller
Digifant management system

Bit of an update since the original installation was completed in 2010, the newly built engine was not making enough compression so the head was removed, bores honed and the piston rings replaced. During this rebuild I noticed that the exhaust cam timing was one cog out, this was causing the low compression.

I decided to pull the engine as the front bulkhead needed some rust treating that was just starting to come through and I needed to modify the supercharger belt tensioning setup as I was unhappy with the existing setup. An RPM Tuning based setup is now in use, this reduces the number of custom parts by retaining most of the stock G60 items (swing arm and tensioner) would should make it easier to keep the car running.

Engine has been refitted for around a year now and is in the process of having the ECU mapping adjusted to get the most from it.

Wishlist :
Get the ECU remapped to suit the engine this year, finally!

Replace front 'uperchagred' grille badge for one the still has an 'S'.

Refurbish rear beam, front ARB, rear ARB, radiator support panel, crossmember, front bumper metalwork, rear bumper metalwork and front subframe with colourgalv (dip galvanised and then powdercoated in satin black).

Replace existing pulleys with stock G60 items and the correct belt length.

Fit MK IV rear calipers and overhaul front brake calipers.

Long term plan is to fit an ABF 2.0 16v engine and adapt the engine to be a G60 turbo.

Totalscore: 174, average:9.16