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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1991
Owner: hrdcorG60 from U.S.A., Hawaii
Colorcode: LC6V (Green pearl effect was delivered from 1988 till 1993)

Information / Adjustments :
the G60 is a 4cyl engine w/ a supercharger. mine has an master tuned supercharger w/ Euro Sport stainless steel piping to the inner cooler. it also has red Samco sport hoses w/ the ISV rerout kit installed on it. along w/ the supercharger it has a hi-performance BBM G-Ladder and K&N intake. i have some other parts from BBM and Neuspeed that still need to be installed. if you know the Corrado it has the "active" rear spoiler that extends automatically when the car reaches 45 mph to reduce aerodynamic lift. As speed dropps below 12 mph, the spoiler retracts again.right now i am currently working on the sound system. i have six speakers working in it now but im geting ready to through in a 12" sub and 2 more speakers after thats done i will start working on a 17" wheel set up. it my big project car. it may look a little rough but it hauls ass. i will be doing all the body work and paint my self just have to save up for a little while.

R.I.P 1991-2006 my first

Wishlist :
bbm screw compressor kit
body kit
angle eye headlights
smoked crystal tail lights
lowering kit
front and rear sway bars from neuspeed
much more...

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