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Corrado G60 Turbo

Manufacture Date: 1989
Owner: 2FAST4U from Norway, Buskerud
Colorcode: LB7V (Graphite metallic was delivered from 1988 till 1990)
Bought on date: xx,xx,2005

Information / Adjustments :
The car is twisted ;( and will newer go on the road again.......

Im selling all the parts to other corrado owners in norway, maby they will hawe better luck then me

About 220bhp+ at 1.2bar normaly I run 0.6bar

(ATP) turbo kit -turbo
t3/4 Turbo Turbonetiks
Dual stege boost controler turboXs
Hartmann eksost 2,5" from the turbo
Thikker head gasket
Ported maifoild
Progressiv gas reguleter
K&W stege 2 coilovers
17" Kosei senka rims(re peaited blake)
New head ligts angel eys inpro
New break ligts blake krystal inpro
Lumma spoiler
Lumma rear plate
New ic 600.300.80 L/H/T mm
RS 3 Chip

The motor is coming out now next week i am going to rebuild it and polish it.

Now i hawe orderd oil cooler chip asymetrik cam cam lifters, full lumma styling++

More to come. :)

Wishlist :
LSD doors
Full Lumma styling
NX n coller
Brembo 330 brake kit
Carbon fiber hood
(((((An emissions test)))) To satisfy the norwegian gowerment, Ps I hate the norwegsn gowerment. :P

Totalscore: 156, average:9.18