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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1991
Owner: Ghost60 from Netherlands, Noord-Holland
Colorcode: LC5U (Aqua blue pearl effect was delivered from 1991 till 1995)
Bought on date: Summer 2002

Information / Adjustments :
The following is a list of modifications on my

Corrado G60 after buying him in 2002:

*These were already done on the car when I purchased this Corrado:

- A VR6 hood had taken the place of the stock G60 hood.

- Rear end was shaved (all emblems removed and welded).

- A Supersprint rear silencer box with a diameter of 120 mm and a mid box replacer were mounted:

*The following is a list of what I changed on the car right after buying him.

- A set of FK coil over set was mounted.

- A set of Brock B1 rims (9x16-ET 15) at rear and 7.5x16 (ET 35) at front with 20 mm H&R spacers on each side was mounted.

- Brand new Sachs sport clutch was mounted.

- An aftermarket Dietrich RS bumper was mounted.

- A Rieger badge less grill was mounted too.

- Rear number plate holder got painted in the same colour as the rest of the car.

Also several maintenance repairs took place to keep my jewel in good condition. All the materials used are original VW:

- Engine supports,

- Alternator rebuild (ball bare rings replaced),

- Minor engine rebuild,

- Thermostat, blue temperature sensor, V belt tension controller and the small wheels in the V belt area, distribution belt en attachment role, original spark plugs ( about 20 Euro each), spark plug cables, distributor cap and the rotor have all been replaced. For the rest the regular oil and filter changes according to the maintenance schedule.

*Update 14 October 2005:

-The RS front bumper is replaced by the cleaned stock version.

- Front brake discs replaced by a stock size Brembo set. The pads renewed as well.

- Stock brake hoses replaced by a kit of Goodridge hoses.

- Front anti roll bar mounts replaced.

- A light module and new reflectors are mounted in front headlights in order to generate more light.

- Added Mike-Edition tail light.

- Stock wind screen front wipers and arms are replaced by a set of Lupo GTI Aero blades and arms.

- The air intake manifold's seal is been replaced by a new one to guarantee a good air flow.

*Update 15 December 2005:

- Front suspension top bare rings replaced by new VR6 bare rings. The car has been aligned after installation.

- The rear brake pads are replaced by new ones.

- Heating radiator has been replaced due to a leak.

*Update 13 February 2006:

- JD-chip and pulley is mounted by the Doc himself.

*Update 14 April 2006:

- K&N replacement filter has replaced the stock one.

- I had a test run at Hurricane Racing with a nice result showing that The Doc had delivered what he had promised, ones again: 185 bhp with 271 nm.

*Update 22 June 2006:

- G-charger oil supply hose is replaced by a new one.

- The V belt and power steering belt are replaced by a fresh one.

- Gearbox oil, engine oil and oil filter are renewed well.

- An aftermarket interior air filter kit of Mahle is mounted.

- Rear wiper blade is replaced by a new one.

- Sunroof has been rebuild.

- RS-outlet is mounted.

- A second pair of 9x16 B1's are been powder coated and mounted, I now have 9x16 around.

- A new set of 15" Sebring Corrado G60 rims are bought for to serve as winter rims.

* Update 29 June 2006

- All 4 brake callipers are replaced by brand new red painted one's.

- The Brembo discs are renewed as well after I found out that the discs were not straight any more.

- Brake pressure regulator is renewed as well.

- The Rieger grill is replaced by a FK badge less grill.

- New type headlight glasses are mounted.

New updates will soon follow.

Check also my site:

UPDATE 29-05-2008

Finally after 9 years of owning 2 Corrado's, it has come to an end for me. As of this morning I am no longer the owner of this fine specimen. Due to other chooices that I had to make, it was no longer visible to keep the Rado. Hopfully one day in the future, I will be able to get another Rado to have something to spend my money on ;)

Goodluck to all with their cars. It was nice to be a part of the online Rado Community.

So long.

Wishlist :
As of mid june 2008 the Corrado is sold. Sadly I had to sell the car due to different reasons, but I hope to have one back in (near) future.

Goodluck to all with your cars.

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