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Corrado 2.9 VR6 Turbo

Manufacture Date: 1989, model 1989: number 011510
Owner: corraptor_evo from Romania, Moldova
Colorcode: N/A (Non official Corrado color. was delivered from 1988 till 1988)
Bought on date: 9.04.2003

Information / Adjustments :
In September 2009, the Dyno says 415 BHP and 505 Nm (373 lbft) at 1,2 bar and 6600 rpm. Ups! Yes, I know, the syncro system doesn t support powers over 350 HP (maybe something under 400 HP, if I am lucky), but I will try to use a Haltech feature which can manage the engine power depending the gear set or the car velocity (becouse I can/want to reach 501 BHP and 601 Nm at 1,6 bar boost).

The History
My Corrado was born as a G60 in 1989. Five years ago I kidnapped it (for a good price) from someone who didn't gave him enough attention. First step was some tuning at the engine: 68mm G-pulley, RS3 tuning chip, blocked ISV valve, overbored inlet manifold, raised fuel pressure, front mounted IC, polished and ported stage IV compressor, by-pass valve rerouting, RSII G-outlet. The car was very good (+200 BHP) but not enough.
So, the second step was adapting a syncro system from a 91 Passat G60. Well, the car was very good but, again, not enough.
So, the third step was to throw out (for a good price, of course) the G60 engine and to drop in a 2,8 VR6 engine (and a VR6 syncro system) and to rebuild it so resist for something nice... 501 BHP and 601 Nm (444 lbft)!

The List of all mods:

- VR6 - 3 litres rebored engine,
- "Haltech E8" stand alone ECU
- "Garrett" T60-1 turbine (A/R turbine=0,82; A/R compressor=0,70)
- "Wossner" forged pistons 8:1
- "H"-4340 connecting rods
- "ARP" headstuds, main studs and rod bolts
- "Glyco" bearings
- "Tial 50" BOV
- "Tial F38" WG
- "ATP2" turbo exhaust manifold
- Inox exhaust D76mm=3' - NO CAT!
- "HGP"-copy short intake manifold
- "Samco" hoses (D76mm=3')
- "Autobahn 88" intercooler (600x300x76)
- Black coated inox air intake (D76mm=3')
- "Bosch" (044) fuel pump
- "Delphi" 525 cmc injectors
- "Schimmel Performance" highflow fuelrail
- "SX" FPR
- "SX" fuel filter
- "NGK 9" race spark plug
- "Racimex" 16 oil cooler
- "Mocal" oil adapter with thermostat
- "SPAL" double airfan
- "BMC" air filter

- SYNCRO (4x4) system from a 95'Golf VR6;
- "Sachs Performance" clutch (Stage IV)
- "Schimmel Performance" flywheel (4,1 kg)
- "BM" short shifter;
- "Weitec" (KW) adjustable shock absorbers and adjustable coils (Hicon GT+Tx Series);
- "MAM" MT2 8Jx17 wheels with "Marangoni" Zeta Linea 205/40/17 84W tyres;
- "Borbet S" 8Jx15 wheels with "Toyo" Proxes 205/50/15 84W tyres - very light!;
- "SCC" spacers: 40mm front axle and 70mm rear axle;
- "Powerflex" bushes;

- custom bodykit;
- Solar Red paint;
- "In.Pro" (angel eyes) frontlight;
- "APP" - xenon (7000K - short beam);
- "In.Pro" front fogs & signals;
- "FK" Lexus black tailights;
- double sided (D63mm) exhausters with Porsche 933 mufflers;
- shaved doors and hood;

- "FK" "Spacelook" front seats;
- "VEMS" double digital gauge: EGT, A/FR (wide band);
- "Stack" gauges: boost, oil temp;
- "OMP" "Strada" 3/4 pts seatbelts;
- "Raid HP" sweede steering wheel;
- "OMP" shiftknob;

- "Valor" ITS 701W all-in-one motorized 7' DVD head unit;
- "Pioneer" GT X 4300, 750W 2-way amplifier;
- "Pioneer" DT 6300F, 600W 4-way amplifier;
- "Pioneer" 203 D2, 2x400W RMS subwoofers.

Well, in short, this is all about The CORRAPTOR.

Wishlist :
- Syncro swap to a Haldex plus LSD front&rear diffs.
- Another turbo: Garrett GT 40.

Totalscore: 479, average:9.21