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Corrado 2.0i 8V

Manufacture Date: 1991
Owner: katieCorrado from U.S.A., Pennsylvania
Colorcode: LC3U (Dark burgundy pearl effect was delivered from 1988 till 1995)
Bought on date: July 2002

Information / Adjustments :
2.0L ABA bottom end out of a 95 jetta w/ JE forged pistons and rings (stock bore)
Lightweight lifters, titanium rings, and supertech springs
techtonics 260 street cam
42lbs injectors (green tops)
SNS stage 5 chip
BBM early edition lysholm twin screw charger- unsilenced
custom breather/ catch can set-up
Raceshop built Peloquin LSD trans w/ bolt kit
VR6 strut tops and clutch
euro lights, red tails.
Removed knee bar and Air Conditioning.

Approaching 280,000 miles and our 10 year anniversary (Daily Driver and has crossed the country twice)

Wishlist :
custom bumper shaved flat w/ turns re-wired to headlights
exhaust 2.5 SS
roll cage
fresh paint- same color flat
shaved door handles
water/meth injection
New seats
gray AC style euro under dash tray/panels
redone red tails
badgeless grill
new working moonroof
molded custom wing

Totalscore: 158, average:9.29