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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1989
Owner: Marjolein from Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
Colorcode: LK4U (Icegrey violet pearl effect was delivered from 1994 till 1995)
Bought on date: 22-01-2007

Information / Adjustments :
This Corrado had become our 'Donor car'.. Because i've bought another G60!!

It's a G60 from 1989. The color is Antraciet.

I am so happy with it. This Saturday we are going to pick it up.
I trade my Fiat Punto 60S for this Corrado.. and really.. I am laughing my ass of :D

Can't wait!

Still want the Rieger Bodykit.. and those tail lights.. :D

All the bad parts of the new Corrado can be replaced from the Red one! So thats nooo problemo!
I am one very..very happy girl!! :D

Wishlist :
The inside of the new Corrado will be replaced from the ols. Because this is green with black.. and from the red Corrado the interieur is just black.

We need to fix some stuff from the new Corrado.. But that is no problem, my dad used to fix car's for his living.. So :D

I love it.

It already has an FMIC! :D

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