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Corrado 16V-G60

Manufacture Date: 1990, model 1990: number 019557
Owner: rado_devil from Peru, Lima
Colorcode: LK1B (Nugget yellow was delivered from 1988 till 1991)
Bought on date: 09/20/2007

Information / Adjustments :
Hello everyone,

I am Luiz, the new owner of this nice Yellow 1990 VW Corrado. I live in Peru, Arequipa. I've bought this car from Manuel, my friend and working hard on the car to finish what he began.

I own the car for about half a year now. These are the work I am doing right now:

- Painting. The car was totally painted again (exterior).

- Engine
Fixed a lot of problems I've found like Supercharger boost leak (ISV).
Fixed Iddle problems, timing, etc.
New Water Temp sensors.
New O2 Bosch sensor.
New Thermoswich and Thermostat, both Race Version.
New Mocal oil cooler radiator + thermostatic sandwich plate.
New Water and cap reservoir.
New Alluminium high performance Radiador (on its way).
New Techtonics upper rear and front lower stress bars (on its way).

- Engine Management.
Working with Dubforce Tuning to set the new Chip.
I am using a special 16v version and finishing the Dubforce Tuning one.

- Gearbox.
New Clutch Pressure Plate. I found the ACT one broken.
GearBox had the selector forks bearings broken and replaced them.
Installed new Phantom Grip LSD convertion kit at the differential.

- Drivetrain / Suspension.
All new components. Everything. Bushings, top mount caps, bearings, etc.

- Electrical.
Removed a lot of useless cables, alarm, remote windows switching, etc.
Fixed all 100% Illumination lights. Front, rear, high, low, fog, etc.
Now the car is cleaner.

- Interiors.
I have not started interiors yet, but I am going to as soon I finish the rest.
Sunroof need to be checked. It works but does not move inside completely.
Interiors need some work.

I lot of work until now and more coming these days, specially on interiors. This is not my dayli driving car, but is totally capable of. Fixed everything and the car runs so fine now. If have to fix a water temp issue. Last mechanical shop (previous owners one), made a lot of mistakes and did not finish properly this car. For example they used a ONE speed radiator FAN and it is not sufficient making the car to gain temps when on traffic. I need to install the new alluminium radiator and also the original 2 speed radiator FAN (I have it).

Overall, the I am pretty happy. The car is getting better everytime and the engine is great. Very nice power and the look is awesome.

A few more steps and the car is going to be at its 100% percent.

My name is Luiz Guccione. My contact email is:

Best regards to you,


Finally, after too much time, the engine work is done! It runs well, but I need to setup the engine management, perhaps installing a Megasquirt instead of the SNS Tuning chip.

I posted a new album of pics as my Rado looks now. New updates in the next weeks =D

After a delay on my part (too much work), I decided to continue my 16v Lysholm Integration project two weeks ago... and now I am very close to finish it! Engine and trans are mounted on the car (at last!), but I have to solve some things. I bought a BBM silencer kit for the Lysholm and I see I need custom piping to install it along with the BBM watercooler. Let's see

The new suspension set-up - Koni Sport yellows (dampening adj.) and Neuspeed Race springs - is already installed. The new set of OZ Superleggera silver rims and new Kumho Ecsta MXs tires in 205/40/R17 are also mounted. I will post pics soon! =)

BTW, I am still looking for a set of 16 or 17 BBS RXs. If you live in the USA and have a set on sale, let me know! Send me info to including shipping costs to FL33172, USA. Thanks!

Hi, this is Manuel from Lima, Peru. I bought this beauty from a friend of mine in sept. 2007 (I am the fourth owner). I've always wanted to own a Corrado since my days at school, when I fell in love for the very first time with one when I saw it in a magazine ad back in 1991. Corrados are very rare in my country because no VW dealer sold them (nor in any country of South America as far as I know). There are no more than ten G60s and four VR6s still running here in decent conditions, most of them 90-92 US Specs. However, there are two “rarities” here: a 89 euro spec G60 with Oettinger rims and G-Ladder still blowing strong (after a rebuild) and a black 93 euro spec VR6 with tan leather interior. Both of them are in OEM conditions. It’s a pity both owners don’t want to get rid of them (if I were them, I wouldn’t).

An odd fact of my car: it was imported from Germany in 1993 by the first owner in Peru. I met him last year and he told me he brought it with him when he returned from his vacations in Europe. He bought it from the used cars division of a VW dealer. Yes, this is very rare since it is a 1990 US spec G60.

These are the mods I have done since I bought it (updated):

- 16v-PG twin screw supercharger integration project (about to finish)
- 1.9L PG engine under full rebuilding (the same that came in my Corrado)
- Wiseco 82.5mm 9.0:1 CR forged pistons and rings.
- Pauter forged connecting rods with APR studs
- Fully ported and polished 16v cylinder head (from KR engine)
- Scirocco MKII 16v intake manifold painted in silver.
- ARP head bolts and studs
- TT 16v light weight cam sprocket
- BBM Limited 16v Supercharger integration kit (16v fuel rail and FPR adapter included)
- Bosch green top 440cc/min injectors.
- Bosch adj. FPR
- Walbro 255lph fuel pump
- BBM Twin Screw Supercharger (aka Lysholm) with 50mm pulley (@18 psi)
- BBM Lysholm SC silencer kit
- BBM G60 liquid to air intercooler system
- Solid front motor mounts
- Megasquirt II standalone unit
- AC deleted

- ACT Prolite racing 228mm lightened flywheel (8.2lb)
- ACT VR1-HDR4 clutch kit: HD pressure plate and solid hub (4 pad) disc with splines
- BBM Short shifter kit

- Koni Sport yellow shocks and struts (dampening adjustables)
- Neuspeed Race springs
- NS sway and strut bars
- Custom front-lower and rear stress bars

- Tri-Y headers
- 3'' exhaust cut-out (manual, only for racing)
- High flow catalytic converter
- 2.5'' stainless steel cat back with chrome two-tip muffler

Brakes and wheels:
- Ferodo racing brake pads (for now)
- 17'' OZ Superleggera rims in silver (very light and strong enough)
- Brand new 205/40/ZR17 84Y Kumho Ecsta MX (Ku15) tires (great for autocross)
- Under construction

- Sound system (for now, still good for me):
* Kenwood Excelon KDC-X891,
* Audiobahn AEQ8 pre-amp,
* JBL 2-Ch GT0-752 amp(subwoofer),
* Infinity 5-Ch 5350A amp,
* 12'' Audiobahn subwoofer,
* Boston Acoustics S60 Component System
* S95 speakers (soon to be changed for another component system)
* Stinger wiring
- Momo Champion steering wheel and MKIV GTI shift knob
- Sparco pedals and carpets
- Custom white VW Motorsport face gauges
- Dual gauge A-pillar (Autometer A/F and Boost gauges)

- Fully re-sprayed with urethane paint (as close as the original) in nov. 2007
- Molded front and rear bumpers
- Rieger badgeless grill (with hood spoiler)
- 8000k Bi-xenon HID headlights and 6000k HID fog lights
- Bosch euro spec clear turns
- ECS Tuning 68mm Sharon antenna
- Supercharged and 16v emblems in red

Wishlist :
I would like to have someday all Leather black VR6 interiors. Seats + door covers.

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