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Corrado 2.0 16V

Manufacture Date: 1990
Owner: Kovic. from Canada, British Columbia
Colorcode: LC6P (Dragon green pearl effect was delivered from 1994 till 1995)
Bought on date: dec 2003

Information / Adjustments :
Ok, here's a somewhat chronological history of the major stuff.

build start: dec 2003, first on the road Sept 2004. In 2005 it gets a stand-alone and it blows the first turbo (GT2540) after running 30psi of boost on pump gas. Jan 2006 it gets a new turbo (GT3082-15 with customturbine and compressor housings) with better designed downpipe and open wastegate. A few months later it spins a con rod bearing damaging the crank journal on cyl #3. It's off the road till late 2006 when it gets a new engine...longer con rods(159mm) and lower CR (8:1) ceramic coated dooms, and silicone coated skirts. block borred 0.040" over. Burned a hole in the head between cyl 3 and 4 experimenting with 25 psi on pump gas (oviously too much with the bigger turbo).
26000Km since first on the road, 10k on the new engine. 8 transmissions (that's more than 1 tranny/oil change ), ~6 sets of driveshafts, 3 sets of engine mounts 3 sets of control arm busshings. Currently running on full VR6setup: subframe, crossmember, engine mounts (KCD), transmission (VR6 gear-set in a 4cyl tranny case). This seems to be a reliable setup.

It takes 22psi to break loose 3'rd in dry with 2 people in the car. I'm running 20psi for every day driving. Gears are relative though sice there are so many different ratios. In this car 3'rd takes you to 180Km/h.

Totalscore: 109, average:9.91