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Corrado 2.8 VR6 SLC

Manufacture Date: 1993
Owner: Curt_pnw from U.S.A., Washington
Colorcode: LC6U (Classic green pearl effect was delivered from 1992 till 1995)
Bought on date: 1/3/09

Information / Adjustments :
134,xxx (now 145,xxx :D )
Daily Driver
Neuspeed stainless catback
BFI Stg .5 trans+motor mounts
Control arms w/R32/TT bushings from MJM.
Ecodes with working rheostats, late interior switch and yellow caps
yellow fog lenses
Polished intake mani
Koni Coilovers

Wishlist :
Wheels and get the stance dialed in.
A decent audio system.

Totalscore: 76, average:9.5