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Corrado 2.9 VR6

Manufacture Date: 1994, model 1994: number 005656
Owner: gurby from Netherlands, Utrecht
Colorcode: LA9V (Brilliant black metallic was delivered from 1991 till 1995)
Bought on date: 22-05-2010

Information / Adjustments :
This Corrado VR6 is a 1994 model with DIS engine, originally delivered in the Netherlands and I am the 4th owner. It is one of the last produced 94-ers :-)

The car currently ran 391.500km's but got a replacement engine in the past (at 248.517km) and it's running like new!

Apart from the Koni shock absorbers the car is as original as it came from Karmann!

Things done during my ownership:
2012: Installed other seats. Same seats but heated seats and removed from a '95-er with only 66.000km so like new!
2012: New fuel lines
2011: VW Philips Gamma IV radio
2011: New volt/oil pressure gauges placed
2011: New dashboard trim panel placed
2010: New logo's placed
2011: Original VW exhaust placed, sold the RVS exhaust
And good maintenance always :-)

Wishlist :
Just to enjoy it, keep it original and in good shape.

Totalscore: 318, average:9.94