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Corrado G60 Turbo

Manufacture Date: 1990, model 1990: number 005083
Owner: BmoreDubs from U.S.A., Maryland
Colorcode: L041 (Black was delivered from 1988 till 1995)
Bought on date: 09.2002

Information / Adjustments :
Owned Raddo since 02'

Dub's/Karmann's Owned (1997-present):

1st Dub 95' Jetta (R.I.P death by asshole & 18in curb), 89' Golf 2door (R.I.P death by train), 83' E24 (alive & well city cruiser), 90' G60T (pulling strong), 91' Golf 4door (saved from graveyard & resold), 03' B6 (winter driver), 91' Cabbie (girly's diesel summer ride)...vw addiction

... All the other kids over dreamed of an over priced Italian sport car from the $2.99 poster hanging on their wall, 90' Karmann Rado is all I dreamed of... I got mine, most of them.... got Heroin..... I take my DUB & Karmann Fam addiction! 83' E24 and 91' Diesel Cabbie are other Karmann Project(s), and some how I still got $ for pub & mortgage...

Been garage keep most of 10 years I have owned it... (didn't mention in how many pieces:) But time and money aren't always able to pencil each other in.

Black w Blue & Metallic Flake
17in Konig Wheels w Rear Spacers -lesson learned

Turbonetics Turbo Swap
Solid Billet Motor Mounts
GReddy Blowoff Valve
Neuspeed Fuel System
Neuspeed Intake
2.5 Side Exhaust
Front Skid Plate
Neuspeed Front Sway
OEM VR-6 Bushings Upgrade
FK Coilovers
Euro-Sport Downpipe
Oil Cooler

Other upgrades include:... a few Zip Ties, Skateboard Truck Bushings (various areas of Rado can be found), and re-routed boost gauge for Pilot use during flight....And OSX on 7 inch TFT.

Totalscore: 65, average:9.29