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Corrado 2.0 16V

Manufacture Date: 1994
Owner: swompy from United Kingdom, South-England
Colorcode: LK4U (Icegrey violet pearl effect was delivered from 1994 till 1995)

Information / Adjustments :
3 owners including me. The guy I brought it off had owned it since 1995 with 13,000 miles on the clock. I brought it off him in May 2009 with 77K miles.

The car is my daily drive at the momment so putting more miles on her than I want to but is around 91,000 miles at the moment (26/2.10)

It is still preaty much a standard valver. Apart from Magnex back box and the center silencer has been replaced with a stight through pipe.

She got 146bhp and 140lbft when on the rollers in December with the above mods.

Wishlist :
Kr cam, flowed head, 4 branch manifold, Polished Estorils, G60 front brakes and KW V1's coilovers.

Maybe go down the Turbo route when it isnt may daily.

Anything to give the VR6 and G60 boys a run for their money.

Totalscore: 70, average:10