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Corrado 2.9 VR6

Manufacture Date: 1988, model 1993: number 009564
Owner: dubbed_up_daz from United Kingdom, Scotland
Colorcode: LC3Y (Bordeaux pearl effect was delivered from 1990 till 1995)
Bought on date: 10/2010

Information / Adjustments :
10/2010 - Cone filter,centre and suit case delete,scorpion rear,koni adjustable dampers/lowered springs,17" non-descript wheels,german pressed plates,momo race steering wheel,non-standard period(rubbish)head unit,engine tuning,bay clean

01/2011 - fitted new heater matrix,312TT front brake discs and pads,octavia vRS carriers,obd2 288 calipers,mk4 golf rear calipers,stainless braided brake flexible lines

02/11 - fitted coilovers,fitted alloys,adjusted coilovers

Wishlist :
parts,paint,better wheels,leather,minor i.c.e. modernisation,major dent removal

Totalscore: 69, average:9.86