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Corrado 2.0i 8V

Manufacture Date: 1995
Owner: Argent from Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
Colorcode: LC5M (Moonlight blue pearl effect was delivered from 1992 till 1995)
Bought on date: 14-05-2016

Information / Adjustments :
2.0i 8v with 115 bhp in Moonlight Blue Pearl. Besides the Eibach Pro shocks and BBS rims it was pretty much stock, and had little to no rust on the body. Although it ran 280.000 kilometers, the engine and gearbox work flawless. It is clearly a well maintained car of which I am now the proud owner!

The car was delivered in the Netherlands in 1995 and was used as a leased car for the first four years. It didn't came with a factory sunroof, so the Volkswagen dealership placed a Webasto Spoiler sunroof. Other than this, the car is completely stock; cloth interior, window winders, manual gearbox, etc.

First thing I have done is re-cloth the headliner and replace the sunroof with a new Webasto sunroof of the same size. I also redone the wiring, as it wasn't installed correctly. The sunroof now automatically closes when you switch of the engine.

The car had some minor damage on the left hand door and right hand front panel which I decided to repair. While doing it I also removed the side trim so the entire sides could be resprayed. During reassembly their went on a dozen of new parts.

Searching the web I found a new type leather Recaro interior in Hellbeige for a absolute bargain. The reason it was cheap was because it was dried out, dirty, damaged and in serious need of TLC. So I bought myself Colourlock repair kit and put some elbow grease into it. The interior is now ready to be installed. Finally!

As the subframe and the control arms are heavily corroded I have bought donor parts that I'm currently rebuilding. All the metal parts have been sandblasted and powder coated with a black satin finish. All the rubber bushings have been replaced, the axles are completely rebuild, the fusees have new bearings. All bolts and bits have been freshly zinc plated.

The front and rear brakes are completely rebuild. I have opted for the G60 front brakes to accomodate the bigger 280mm brake discs. The brake discs are new Zimmermann Z coated discs with stock brake pads. The current 15" BBS wheels will be replaced by new 16" BBS RN014 wheels that are also completely refurbished.


Wishlist :
Rebuild engine and gearbox
Clean up engine compartment
Recoat bottom of the car
Complete Simons exhaust system
Replace worn dashboard

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