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Corrado 16V-G60

Manufacture Date: 1991, model 1991: number 016019
Owner: Mexicano_16v-G60 from Russia, Russia
Colorcode: LC3U (Dark burgundy pearl effect was delivered from 1988 till 1995)
Bought on date: March 2002

Information / Adjustments :
Repainted and engine 16v-g60 swap with total rebuild in Summer 2003.
58 mm SC pulley. KW-suspention. Raid SW. That's all in the past.

New shell (used to be green,bought from Pixeljunkie, now Violet again, paint job made in 2006),no vw marks or side moldings("clean style"), new interior(from corrado VR6'95, i wish it was Recaro Leather :) , new 17" rims
Golf Rallye front mount intercooler,
Standalone ECU

Wishlist :
Synchro, 2L, 20V turbo-Garett GT2860RS-DiscoPotato... is currently in the project with my second Corrado

Totalscore: 295, average:9.22