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YellowZonker YellowZonker from U.S.A. (Arizona) posted @ 13 June 2011 06:30:06
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1990 Corrado 1.8 G60

You aren't going to like this.

September 24,2010 at 6:19 am I was going to work and this old guy in a 91 4Runner rear ends me. We pull over to the side.. Not a scratch on his truck but I look at the rear part of my car and....

It doesn't look like much.. and I almost didn't report it. We didn't call the cops, no need to, and nobody was hurt.. so I drive it to work.

Drives just fine. I get to work and take more pictures of it. Find out the hatch doesn't open smoothly.. it catches as it's being opened and you have to use some effort to get it closed.

I call the insurance company and they set up a time to bring the raddo in. Take it in, they need more time so I get a rental car. WHOO HOO! It's got air conditioning.. It's still in the 100's in the daytime in September here in AZ. (Thats 40C for everyone else)
They call me back and want to total the car. I fuss a little and tell them ok but I gotta buy the car back. They said I could ahd took off $300 from the insurance claim.
SO.. Now it sits in my driveway.. always clean, (I need to wax it)and still drives fine. I'm having an issue with the engine after it warms up to 160 F degrees though. it did this May of 09 and has done it since. It reaches 160 degrees and idles down to 900. Doesn't matter where the air/fuel mixure screw is set. and it will bog down and start spewing out this light black smoke form the tail pipe. It idles from 700 RPM to 990 RPM and keeps doing that. You can press on the gas and it will stop but then when brought back to idle it does it again.
Quick solution.. while it's running turn the key off and back on real quick. It puts a band-aid on the problem only for about 10 minutes then does it again.
My Temp fix is to have a blue coolant temp sensor plugged into the harness and it senses the ambient temp of the engine. It still does the huff and puff thing but only if the engine is really hot (like when it's 115 outside.

Anyway, back to the accident. The Title now is a salvage title. Here in this state once the probelm has been fixed and/or you can prove the car is road worthy you can take the car into the DMV and they will do a level III inspection on the car. They can deam the car safe again and you get a "RESTORED SALVAGE" title. On special circumstances you can get the title restored from salvage back to "ORIGINAL"

Also, because of the economy here in this state I haven't had as much money come in, so I lost my mail server. The web server is still up, so if you emailed me and it bounced back, I fixed that this evening so please, email me again.

Have a great day all! Hope to hear from you and...
here are more pics.


Tyler Tyler from Germany (Niedersachsen) posted @ 13 June 2011 19:44:08
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1993 Corrado 2.9 VR6

Thats a bad story John, i thought you had already fixed the prob with the temp and black smoke.

good you saved the car

Auf Wiedersehen, sucka !!

YellowZonker YellowZonker from U.S.A. (Arizona) posted @ 14 June 2011 00:30:32
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1990 Corrado 1.8 G60

Unfortunately I just put a band-aid on the problem, never fixed it.
As far as the crash.. well. I guess it's cool but not.
Here's my idea though. Take the 16V out of the Scirocco and put it in the Corrado.. and get rid of the POS G60 thats in it. The comment doesn't mean ALL G60's are bad, just this one. (there is a story behind this engine)
All the scirocco does now is sit. Things are breaking on it left and right and the parts aren't made anymore. Might as well try to save the Corrado.

Jakemeister Jakemeister from Netherlands (Friesland) posted @ 16 June 2011 09:02:42
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1990 Corrado 1.8 G60

that's really a nasty dent in your Corrado, hope you can fix it soon. As for the idle running problem, i had a similar problem with my G60, can't remember what the solution was because it was years ago, i do remember replacing some temp. sensors, and rebooting the ecu.

60% of the time it works all the time.
-- Brian Fantana

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