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VR6 EDM VR6 EDM from U.S.A. (Colorado) posted @ 6 December 2011 19:42:53
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So I saw a few of you that are on vortex. I have the same name on here as I do there too if you guys were wondering. This website is a bit harder to navigate through than vortex as but I can get used to it. My name is Robert and I live here in Colorado! Pretty close to kyle jett if you guys know him. Owned 2 Corrados 1 vr 1 g60 so Ive been around the block with these cars and about to get another vr.

Jakemeister Jakemeister from Netherlands (Friesland) posted @ 6 December 2011 21:32:35
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1990 Corrado 1.8 G60

Welcome to the database! what are the questions?

As soon as you get the 'New' corrado, post pictures in your profile, you can also add your 'old' Corrados too.

60% of the time it works all the time.
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