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tkleis tkleis from U.S.A. (California) posted @ 14 December 2011 04:01:23
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Okay, I am having trouble locating a new 02 sensor for my 1990 U.S. spec G60 Corrado. I have looked at several on-line parts shops and no luck. I was hoping maybe someone on here can help me locate one. I am trying to see if it may be available in Europe, so anyone from Europe if you can please let me know if I can pick up one there. The part number on the 02 sensor is 0258003110. It is a 4 wire sensor with a small connector. I've looked at the Bosch sensor part number 13165 but the connector is too big. Any help PLEASE!!!!!

mthg60 mthg60 from Netherlands (Groningen) posted @ 14 December 2011 08:26:04
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1990 Corrado 1.8 G60

corrado g60 1991,
265hp 320nm

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