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Tzatziki Tzatziki from Sweden (Skåne) posted @ 21 May 2013 19:45:09
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1993 Corrado 2.0 16V

I will keep it short and hopefully everyone will understand :]

Turn on the ignition, when i turn on the parkinglights, no problem until i switch over to Daylight (9). Well, nothing happens. Also, the stereo/air/wipers don't work. Not even when i have the ignition on and no lights. But! When i turn on the flashlight, wholelight in Swedish (hehe), then the air comes on, but stereo still dead. Wipers work but when i release the flash, air/wipers stop working.

Found another lightswitch at home to see if it was the switch that caused the problem but still the same.

Could be anything but the car has been in the garage for almost 1 year now and the season is just around the corner *buhu But .. i Went to the garage for the first time just 3 weeks ago since last year ..

Anyone has any idea? =/

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Bozo Bozo from Netherlands (Groningen) posted @ 22 May 2013 02:20:26
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1990 Corrado 1.8 G60

check relays , specially nr 30
check the cables underneath the dash

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