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WolfspiritKY WolfspiritKY from U.S.A. (Kentucky) posted @ 17 September 2008 04:45:57
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New to VW's (other than my 70 Bug in 1982). Son came home with temp approx. 260!

All hoses were hot, no leaks but, there was a "relay" of some sort near the distributor making noise. 3 hoses ran to/from heater core, coolant reservoir and, I believe the block. Could the "relay" be a problem or should I concentrate on the water pump?


jorge jorge from U.S.A. (Texas) posted @ 3 January 2009 17:15:19
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1992 Corrado 2.9 VR6 Turbo

did you get the problem solved,, i am havind the same problem but i dont know what it is, everything that you can think of is been replaced for a new part,,i been thing about the watewr pump that maybe it is bad, it is new but like i said maybe it came out with a defect or something,, what did you find out in yours,,

perroski vr6 turbo

grayjam grayjam from United Kingdom (South-England) posted @ 18 January 2009 11:40:20
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1995 Corrado 2.9 VR6

I had this issue when I bought my Corrado after a few days.I called the seller but he was about an hour and a half away. No way my rado would make it.
So I checked the Thermostat (had this issue in the past with an other car)
I checked it in hot to boiling water and it only opened up so far causing the engine to heat up. Sometimes it is the most simple thing you would not even think of.
If you checked the thermostat already please don't bother with this post.
Hope it helps though.

Spoilers up.

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