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Wish Wish from United Kingdom (Englands North) posted @ 2 January 2009 20:55:20
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1994 Corrado 2.9 VR6

Wow, M4RTiN, Jacob, Justin C and all on the Corrado Database, it's another milestone reaching 3000 members congratulations to the team who keep the cogs turning and to everyone who keeps the C alive, long may it continue!!

3000 Spoilers Up


Wish aka Andrew


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Corrado-itis, the illness continues!

chrisv6 chrisv6 from Switzerland (Beider Basel) posted @ 3 January 2009 00:09:28
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no its not updatet some have the corrado profil still here, but they have it sold..

here my rado in the old style, is here with another profile. wtf ?

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