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About us

The story behind the website

The Idea of a member website for Corrado owners came back in 2002. The designer of the PHP code was discussing this idea with Danny G60. After one night of php scripting there was a pre-alpha put online on the dutch Corrado Forum. It was a huge succes right from the beginning, wich was not expected by Martin. Altough it was a shitty interface with lots of bugs, more and more members were registering every day.

Some weeks later a better interface was created and the domain was registered under the name "". Since it was a kind of a database the domain-name seamed right to me.

In the Februari 2002 Martin met Jacob (Godless G60) who lived in the same city and was also a great Corrado freak. On the offer to be a moderator he couldn't refuse. And so the duo continued making the Database even better.

If i can recall correctly, it was Jacob who wanted to make the Corrado-Database go International. It was a lot of work because every word had to be translated for the foreign users to understand the site correctly, and make it easier to register and upload pictures. But we went along with it, we made many changes to the website, asked Volkswagen for a complete list in wich country the VW Corrado was exported.

After that we finished the conversion to a multi-country website on a late evening. Quickly we registered on a few International Corrado forum's and started promoting the database. It didn't take long to see that the database was entering into an International succes!
We hope we can continue with the database for many year's and provide this service for the online Corrado-community.

The team behind the website

M4RTiN - Martin van der Bij: (right on the picture)

Godless G60 - Jacob Bijlstra: (left on the picture)

JustinC - Hedzer van der Bij:

Martin was born on April 2nd 1984, his freakiness for Corrado's came after his brother bought a Corrado TDI wich he in return bought a few year's later. The fact that he is also a wizard in programming websites is just a handy coincidence.Lately a dream came true for Martin....he bought a '93 VR6 Corrado!!

Jacob was born on April 3rd 1976, his Corrado-craze began while owning a VW Scirocco, one would think that a Scirocco would be enough for him, A Corrado had to be bought to complete his VW world. He is also learning programming skills from M4rtin.

Hedzer was born on Februari 24th, his mental disease called Corrado began when he bought the Corrado TDI Martin now own's. After being "cured" of the Corrado disease for some time he bought another Corrado in 2003. At this moment his Corrado has been rebuild and it's a beauty...he also has the fastest engine of the three.

Volunteers of the Database


-RobbieG VR6 (English)
-Elsemieke (Dutch)
-oooo (Lithuanian)
-Ka` (Finnish)
-Kusi (German)
-CoRRaDo20V (Greek)
-Pover (Polish)
-Mexicano_16v-G60 (Russian)
-Tekkone (Italian)
-Oichan (Japanese)

We hope you enjoy this site just as much as we have developing it... SPOILERS UP!