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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1992, model 1992: number 011422
Owner: Volksdevil.Com from United Kingdom, Englands North
Colorcode: L041 (Black was delivered from 1988 till 1995)
Bought on date: 01/2004

Information / Adjustments :
The spec,nothing too special! but i like it for now. :-)

Hi all, just an update as I've now started making a site just for my Corrado G60

Under the bonnet:

Recent full blend charger by pitstop developments.
RSR charger outlet.
68mm pully.
SnS stage 5 anti-lag chip.
Boost return deleted (venting to atmosphere)
Snorkel removed from airbox along with the plastic paneling in front of airbox.
Carbon can removed and fuel breather sat into air box.
De catted exhaust system.
Heavily! self ported/polished/de wedged throttle body.


Polished 8x16 porsche design 90's with black details,195/45's.
Porsche crested/chrome valve caps and sleeves.
25mm adapters all round.
Fk konigsport coilovers.
M3 style back lights (now all reds)
Ghosted 'volkswagen' number plates
Storm single wiper.
Black side repeaters.
German flag badges stuck just under side repeaters.
Black indicaters/fogs.
Rear vw roundel painted black.
Black tinted headlight reflectors,with yellow headlight lenses.
Debadged grill.
Black sunstrip.
Dewipered rear.
Alloy beesting aerial.
Polished original tailpipe.
Tinted rear windows.
Red painted brake calipers. window stickers.
American style driving lights in indicators.


Full 110% interior swap from grey to black.
Momo millenium 300mm steering wheel with custom vw horn push.
Custom parcel shelf with straps! housing 2x 10" subs and amplifier.
Factory look parcel shelf side sections with 6x4 jbl's.
Jbl's in factory door and dash positions.
Duostyling air/fuel and volt gauge.
Dial needles painted red.
Dial lighting and lcd screens changed to red.
All switches changed to red,including sunroof switch,and abs light now green.
Red cigarette lighter surround.
Custom home made heater panel design.
Omex shift light built into spare dial led blanks,4 adjustable led's and shift point.

See here for latest info >

here's how i made the shift lights...

and random wheel/interior and badge pics...

Wishlist :
300 brake normally aspirated engine please! :-0

Totalscore: 350, average:9.72