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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1990
Owner: jeroen from Netherlands, Overijssel
Colorcode: L97A (Diamond silver metallic was delivered from 1988 till 1990)
Bought on date: 2001

Information / Adjustments :
trailer because of my other passion: dogsport!

Twice a week I take the Rottweiler for a drive and I already had two
cars, so I thought I'd combine the two.
Then I envisioned turning the rear half of a Corrado into a trailer.

But still the trailer hitch shouldn't be visible. I took a hitch which
originally belonged to a Mercedes C class and is detachable. This was
completely modified and welded to fit a Corrado. The license plate was
moved to the bumper. So now I can just remove the license plate, stick
in the trailer hitch and I'm ready to roll.
Of course the trailer had to be a head-turner and that took quite some
time to achieve. It took me months to turn a junkyard Corrado into a
nice and shiny trailer.
This you tell by looking at the pictures. The first time I wasn't
satisfied with the result as the air ventducts didn't stop the rain
from pouring in which of course isn't funny at all! So this meant I
had to rebuild it once again this time pitching the ventducts and
fitting a window to make for a better look of the straight side. A
vacuum airvent system should take better care of the need for fresh
air. You might call it an airco for the dog.
After all the work, repainting and fitting the same taillights, only
thing left were the wheels.....

The interior of the half Corrado is made up of synthetic rubber foam
and leather. Functional, tight and comfortable for the dog. Carpet was
laid down and there's a dogbasket.

By this time, August 2008, a fotoshoot was made of the
Corrado-and-a-half. Pictures were taken by Lennart Dijkstra.



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