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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1990, model 1990: number 026430
Owner: Tornado from Cyprus, Cyprus
Colorcode: LY3D (tornado red was delivered from 1988 till 1991)
Bought on date: August 2004

Information / Adjustments :
**Originally a 1990 1.8 16V (KR), non-abs, non a/c, cloth interior, with sunroof, RHD Corrado imported from the UK to Cyprus in 1995...

-complete 1.8 8v G60 engine conversion (was originally a 1.8 16V KR) with 02A 5 spd G60 gearbox and all new engine and g-box mounts

BAR-TEK Stage 3 G60 tuning kit, including:
-BAR-TEK full g-lader oe-spec rebuilt
-BAR-TEK Eprom G60 RS 3 ecu chip
-BAR-TEK smaller G60(68mm) supercharger pulley, black coated
-BAR-TEK 11,5mm supercharger wide belt conversion (bought a 2nd 12mm Gates for next year)
-BAR-TEK G60 RS bypass valve kit polished
-Bosch W6DPO plugs
-Bosch 3.5 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Eurosport polished alloy boost IC tubes (removed after Rallye FMIC)
-BBM billet g-lader tensioner adjusting cap polished (removed)
-JOM cone air filter (replaced by the oe airbox-thanks to Torsten aka "Tyler")
-K and N panel filter in oe drilled air box
-Schrick G60 assymetric 268o/276o camshaft
-Autotech adjustable lightweight aluminium cam pulley
-BBM RSR outlet kit (2-finned) with red silicone hose (replaced the custom-made RSR outlet) - removed after Rallye FMIC install and u-bend
-BBM 8mm red plug wires
-Samco silicone boost hoses
-BAR-TEK lower temp Thermostat (180o) and Fan switch (72C)
-"TheDubNutz" s/s braided fuel lines
-billet alloy tensioner bushes (sold)
-JOM aluminium strut caps (removed after SFT carbon ones)
-JOM polished battery cover
-Supersprint exhaust system back box
-SpoonFedTuning RHD Carbon raintray cover and carbon windshield trim (replaced the SWG full lenght 1pc smooth scuttle cover panel previous on)
-carbon alternator cover, radiator cover, coolant reservoir cover all custom-made by SpoonFedTuning
-SpoonFedTuning billet/carbon strut top mount covers
-42DD VDO Cockpit International Series 30''-20psi 52mm boost gauge with 194 red led and boost gauge tubing kit
-the above is to replace the JOM 52mm iluminated boost gauge
-chrome plated power steering reservoir bracket
-chrome coil cover and bracket
-chrome oil cap
-alloy water reservoir cap
-chrome fender bolts (x12)
-matt black painted alternator, radiator and cam belt plastic covers
-hand-polished alternator and several engine brackets and valve cover
-shaved windshield washer reservoir
-black p/s reservoir
-*New: billet coolant flange on head (not yet installed)
-Soon to be polished: g-lader housing, inlet manifold, etc.
-*New: complete Rallye FMIC and u-bend
-*New: Verdict Motorsports 1'' shifter extension

**estimating around 210 bhp

-*New: Koni height and rebound adjustable coilovers (replaced the JOM coilovers previously)
-rare 8x16'' custom-made 3pc Image rims on 205/45 tyres
-*New: 5x100 hub conversion using 5x100 hubs/bearing and outer CVs with drilled 4x100 front brake rotors to 5x100 and 5x100 rear Brembo rotors
-arches rolled (inside lip liner folded in) and pulled about 1 inch all round
-JOM adjustable coilover kit (replaced with Koni's)
-7,5x16'' et25 4x100 Lenso BSX's on 195/40 Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres with Eibach 15mm rear and 8mm front spacers - final et17 and et10. Custom center caps (replaced the previous 7x17'' rims with "VW" centre badges on Pirelli P-Zero Nero 205/40/17 tyres)
-Eibach front camber bolts
-G60 Girling 54's 280mm front brakes conversion (calipers/carriers)
-Mintex front brake pads and Brembo vented discs
-rear brakes upgrade with MK4 Golf aluminium/lighter items(calipers, hoses, TRW discs/pads)
-BBM solid billet front engine mount with reinforced oem motor mount bracket
-Sachs heavy duty clutch kit
-oe flywheel lightened
-INXX chromed upper strut brace
-INXX chromed rear upper strut brace
-INXX chromed front lower chasis brace
-TT/R32 HD Meyle Control arm bushings (front and rear)
-VR6 HD front strut mount conversion (top mounts, bearings, plates)

-Complete re-paint in oem VW Tornado red LY3D
-shaved all rear emblems
-deleted rear bumper tow hook and hole filled
-shaved roof aerial
-shaved euro-spec side repeaters
-Sprinter front drivers side fender air vent
-re-painted door handles, mirrors, wiper arms, rear number plate surround
-all new oem trims (roof,doors,windows,sunroof,windshield) - that stuff are expensive...
-French-spec (yellow) bulb caps in headlights
-smoked oe headlight reflectors
-custom-made amber late-spec turns (us-spec like)
-black leather bonnet bra
-SpoonFedTuning custom 70mm oe-style front lip spoiler
-SpoonFedTuning custom oe-style extender rear wing/active spoiler
-SpoonFedTuning custom carbon rear license plate tub
-SpoonFedTuning custom G60 7-slat badgeless grill
(check for username "dogger" if you're interested in any of the above ;))
-Passat (rear) delocked pass.side door handle (*not yet fitted)
-German-flag plastic badges (*not yet fitted)
-FK 3-slat badgeless grille (black) and Kamei grille spoiler (colour-coded)
-Rieger grille and grille spoiler (colour-coded)
-red G60 front grille badge
-Brand new VW oem fogs and indicators facelift model (92on). Not a straight forward install though, some modification to the front bumper needed to install them ;)
-all-red tinted taillights bought from Germany (replaced the previous InPro crystal clear/red taillights)
-short stubby antena (removed after shaved aerial)
-rear number plate recess colour coded (now replaced with black one)
-InPro crystal clear side repeaters (now shaved)
-rear tailgate "Corrado" and "VW" roundell badges painted black (now shaved)
-brake calipers/carriers painted red
-when bought it had all tinted windows, but i removed them, except the side ones
-JOM roof spoiler (colour-coded red)
-rear wiper deleted and hole filled using "Verdict Motorsports" billet polished blanking cap
-front lights relayed-uprated headlight wiring loom
-brand new oem front bumper left tow hook cover
-aero-style front wiper blades
-fixed broken oe 90mm lip spoiler and painted
-oem "Supercharged" rear badge / new "G60" rear badge (replaced the "16V" one) / new red and blue "VW Motorsport Limited" badges / several stickers and badges bought

-oe MK2 electric Recaro's (were tan originally) retrimmed using original Recaro cloth from MK1 Golf Cariolet "Sportline" Edition and leather bolsters/backs
-*New: rare ABT Nardi steering wheel with carbon badge
-original TT pedals (replaced the alloy Jom pedals)
-*New: Gruven alloy billet hood pull clip
-black sunroof switch panel
-black sunvisors and oe Porsche 944 black clips
-oem black Corrado floor mats (discontinued part from VW)
-late-spec stalks (MFA and indicators)
-*New: late-spec chromed heater bezel rings (thanks to Torsten!!!)
-*New: facelift model interior parts: 2.0 16V cluster and wiring harness, centre dash trim, ashtray, cig lighter and housing, 2 x centre dash vents, 2 x side vents, fog light switch, rear demister switch, brake/abs switch, heated seat switch, HVAC wiring harness...(stock pilling parts for my facelift style interior conversion...)
-black leather gear boot with red stitching and oem-style gearknob (ala Golf MK3-style)(replaced the chromed shift knob)
-black (removable face) JVC CD/MP3 head unit 4x50W (replaced the old Clarion cd head unit) with Sony Xplod front upper dash speakers and rears
-brand new oem leather handbrake knob
-oem rear left seatbelt cover
-late-spec leather steering wheel (replaced the black leather 320mm Jom steering wheel and Raid HP boss)
-chrome cluster tachorings
-oe-look SWG air vent gauge pod (even uses the original Corrado part air vent!!!)
-JOM 'Edition' chrome door sills-kick plates
-JOM chrome lock bolts and pins
-oe rear parcel shelf straps
-oe coat hangers
-oe trim screw cap for cluster
-custom made cut-off power-supply alarm (removed)
-JOM chromed door pins
-JOM chromed door pulls
-Central locking system with remote control.
-4 x black/red VW seatbelt pads
-carbon cluster bezel
-fuse box clips x2
-3rd middle small sunvisor
-late-spec headlight switch
-*New: cupholder in place or rear ashtray
-*New: fishnet headrests for Recaros

-new Brembo (5x100) rear brake rotors (Jan.2014)
-new outer CV joints (Jan.2014)
-new hubs (5x100) and front bearings (SKF) (Jan.2014)
-radiator flush and replaced with G13 coolant
-new seat runner quide clips (inners, outers, front) (Mar.2013)
-VR6 HD front strut mount conversion (bearing, top mounts, plates - Jan.2013)
-new inner tie rods (Jan.2013)
-TT/R32 Meyle HD control arm (wishbone) bushings and oe rubber fronts (Apr.2012)
-TRW ball joints (Apr.2012)
-TRW outer tie-rod ends (Apr.2012)
-front brakes (Brembo discs, Mintex pads) (Apr.2012)
-new p/s belt and accessories belt (Apr.2012)
-new steering wheel cowling/clamshell (2011)
-new fan after-run thermo switch (Apr.2011)
-ISV metal support bracket (Apr.2011)
-brand new Bosch alternator (Feb.2011)
-New 60 Ah Varta battery (Feb.2011)
-135o VenAir silicon hose
-Bosch G60 knock sensor #0 261 231 038 (Feb.2011)
-4 pcs exhaust manifold gaskets to cylinder head #028 129 589 BBR (Feb.2011)
-8 pcs copper nuts for exhaust manifold #059 129 601 (Feb.2011)
-throttle body gasket #037 133 073 A (Feb.2011)
-new oe Bosch voltage regulator for alternator
-brand new oe injector wiring harness (Jan.2011)
-ultasound tested/cleaned oem Bosch green top injectors and brand new o-rings/pintles (Dec.2010)
-brand new oem temp sensors plastic coolant flange (Dec.2010)
-brand new oem 2 x banjo bolts and washers for g-lader oil feed and return lines (Dec.2010)
-Samco silicon boost hoses x 2 and clamps (Dec.2010)
-Bosch W6DPO plugs (Nov.2010)
-new black and blue temp sensors (Nov.2010)
-rear wheel bearings kit (Oct.2010)
-TRW rear brake discs and pads (Oct.2010)
-new oe return T-piece on inlet manifold #037 133 783C (Aug.2010)
-new oe ISV connection rubber pipe # 037 133 606A (Aug.2010)
-front calipers rebuilt kit (Aug.2010)
-new 1m ecu vacuum line (Aug.2010)
-new hood release cable, hood release guide sleeve and hood release cable nipple (Aug.2010)
-right engine side new fuel line
-new oem front bumper bracket (Jun.2010)
-fuel filter, oil filter, 10-40 semi-synthetic engine oil (Jan.2010)
-oil sump gasket (Jan.2010)
-new belt tensioner damper (Jan.2010)
-new power steering line (under car) (Jan.2010)
-flushed and cleaned radiator (Jan.2010)
-cleaned internally oem intercooler and boost pipes (Jan.2010)
-lower metal water coolant pipe (Jan.2010)
-alternator rebuilt (bearings) (Jan.2010)
-new supercharger low pressure oil return line (Jan.2010)
-new 12mm wide supercharger belt (Jan.2010)
-new oe Gates hydraulic steering belt (Jan.2010)
-new oe belt tensioner idler roller (pulley) #074 145 443 (Jan.2010)
-new oe g-lader braided oil feed line #052 145 443 (Jan.2010)
-new (new-style) coolant expansion tank and cap (blue) & radiator system flush (Sep.2009)
-new battery (summer 2009)
-all new rubber fuel lines and hoses (summer 2009)
-custom-made G-lader oil feed line (summer 2009)
-new anti-roll bar drop links (summer 2009)
-all new 8 x hydraulic lifters (summer 2009)
-new head gasket (summer 2009)
-new timing belt (summer 2009)
-welder rusted hole in battery tray (spring 2009)
-G60 power steering fluid tank (spring 2009)
-new "blue" water reservoir tank (spring 2009)
-new radiator reservoir tank (spring 2009)
-renewed several chassis, steering, suspension and transmission parts with oe items (spring 2009)
-all new oem G60 engine and gearbox mounts (spring 2009)
-power steering pump (2008)
-water pump (2008)
-brake pump (2008)
-gearbox bushes (2008)
-several o-rings (fuel pump,etc) and bushes changed (2007)
-top mounts front and rear (2007)
-custom-made solid exhaust manifold flexibles (2007)
-brand new OEM in-tank fuel pump (2007)
-All new 16 hydraulic valves (when 16v engine) (2007)
-bought a rust-free boot (mine was starting to rust)and painted Tornado red LY3D (spring 2009)
-Painted Tornado Red LY3D bonnet (hood) and repainted for second time after damage caused by an idiot... (spring 2009)
-seized rear brakes - MK4 Golf rear brakes upgrade (calipers, hoses, brake pads etc) (spring 2009)
-used oe G60 alternator cover (summer 2009)
-new oem door panel clips x3 (spring 2009)

Wishlist :
-Porsche-style mirrors (DSP, Cult Society, oem Porsche ones, MX-5), slight tint to front windows sides, repair sunroof, late-spec French-spec yellow fogs, bonnet vents, deleted washer jets from hood, Rieger R-RS or Venom rear lower cupdiffuser, Lupo wipers conversion or single wiper kit, Audi-style door handles, Passat glass moonroof, alloy filler cap conversion, Xenon HID's, carbon applied exterior stuff (ie. rear spoiler, mirrors and triangles, side pillars,etc), SWG "Corrado" rear badge, ,us-spec smoothed front bumper or "meshed" front number plate for better airflow, late-spec oem grill, Cult Societly fog inlets, Happich/Venom pop-out rear windows...

-black headliner and sunroof cloth, complete interior conversion to facelift-model spec (already have most of the items), carbon retrimmed stuff.
-oe Corrado late-spec centre console oil/volt gauges, DDI iluminated dials, DDI reverse LCD kit and all interior bulbs to red Led's, plastic iluminated red cap for cig lighter, retrimmed door cards front and rear, chrome tailate latch and catch, dyostyling digital gauges, amplifier-tweeters and 4 x speakers, TT footrest and shift boot conversion, nickel seatbelts buckles, Wiechers/Allard half roll-cage polished, VW Motorsport cig lighter, push-start button ala S-2000 style, Storm gearboot badge, Turbo timer, Digifiz digital 8000rpm cluster modification, Polo/Passat cupholder, wideband A/F gauge,...

-battery relocated to boot, alloy billet polished dipstick, polish/chrome several parts, smooth and repaint engine bay and wiring minimized/hidden inside chassis legs, carbon front upper slam panel, chromed bonnet lifters, 3pc chrome tanks by CDH/Stroeve, oil catch tank...

-Goodridge braided s/s lines all round, front and rear anti-roll bars and bushings, rear axle beam bushings, front ball joint extenders and tie-rod flip kit, rear drop plates or Eibach rear camber shims, upgraded g-box and tranny mount, Schrick cast aluminium oil sump (pan) and windage tray, s/s sump guard, short shift, O2A solid shifter bushings, LSD...

ENGINE - The goal: 250+ bhp / 220+ whp from the G60 with oe G-Lader:
-SNS chip, Bosch Red Tops 30lb/315cc fuel injectors, SWG twin inlet induction kit, Rallye rad or VR6 radiator with 2 x slimline electric cooling fans, BBM billet alloy fuel rail, ported intake manifold, gas-flowed-ported and polished cylinder head and/or bored to 1.9l using 83mm forged pistons, engine components lightened and balanced throughout, lightweight pulleys all round, uprated hi-flow fuel pump, 4-2-1 G60 exhaust manifold, Mocal 13-row oil cooler kit, Schrick sport lifters kit, reinforced valves-valve springs and titanium retainers, ported,polished and gas-flowed throttle body, modified (ported, polished and gas-flowed) G-lader...

-Air conditioning (maybe)
-to win the lottery so i can make all these happen :P
-to also buy an MK1 Golf GTI (DONE!!!) :)

And finally a feature in Performance VW magazine in order to be the first Corrado owner from Cyprus ever to be featured in the mag ;)

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