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Corrado 20VT

Manufacture Date: 1992
Owner: skm little rado bloke from United Kingdom, Heart Of England
Colorcode: LC5U (Aqua blue pearl effect was delivered from 1991 till 1995)
Bought on date: 1998

Information / Adjustments :
Inpro angel eyes.
Red & clear rear lights.
Storm platinum grey leather intrior (complete).
Leather matching gear gator.
Memo race steering wheel.
Chrome dial surounds.
Brushed alli bazal.
White G60 dials.
Mutant mp3,mem card &usb cd player.
White heater controls.
Blue LEDS display light up.
Billit alli handbrake handle with matching leather grip.
Wolfsburg Edition door lock pins.
Matching leather covered parcil shelf.
Reiger 2 slat grill & eyebrow.
Side bump strips removed.
Debadged except for corrado logo on rear but replaced with VR6 chrome type.
Short alli bee sting.
Clear ind's & fogs.
Polished mirror TSW 5 spoke 17x7 boots.
Clear side repeaters.
Colour coded rear plate back trim.
New radiator mount cross member.
Eibach anti-roll front & back.
FK silverline height adjustable coilovers.
Hispec motorsport 4 pot front calipers.
Greenstuff pads back & front.
Braided hoses " " .
Combi drilled & grooved discs all round.
New ABS Sensors all round.
Aero Polo wipers.
Powerflex rear axle bushes
Custom Liquid Air charge cooler with number plate cut away & meshed.
Samco and other colour coded coolant & induction hoses.
Chrome inner door release handles.
Blue colour coded looms trunking.
New cooling rad with low temp fan switch.
Low temp thermo.
Mocal oil temp thermo.
Setrab 19 row oil cooler.
Mocal sandwich plate with braided hoses.
Tmount solid billit alli front engine mount.

Lots of chrome & stainless bits.
Richbrook Gear Knob & Collar.
B.M Stort Shift.
Bottom subframe brace.
Boost pressure gauge.
Oil temp gauge.
Billet alloy heater controls.

Change of plan again guys, "sorry", dropped the PG altogether, Im now going to fit my Rado with a uprated AUQ K04 with lightened flywheel & mapable ECU, I can't really call it a G60 any more so it'll from now be a new model in the Corrado model type known as a Corrado S. I know im going to produce 300bhp easerly.

1.8 AUQ Turbo 20v K04.
Colour coded Memo Race foot peddles.
18T EGS 5speed gearbox ie 90mph in 2nd, 0-60 = 5 seconds?.
Omex 600 ecu.
RS4 3bar map sensor.
S3 K&N Induction kit.
Ash removed - oil prssure - secondary rev counter fitted in place.
Quantum engineering 70mm stainless downpipe - straight trough pipe to 1st box + full thermo wrapped to mid box.
Omex launch control.
Omex full trottle gear shift switch.
Forge SPLT-R dump valve.
Full Omex aux wiring loom.
Stainless Jetex 70mm system with round exit pipe.
G60 100mm drive flanges.
All vac & all other hoses change & colour coded (blue).
Mk1 washer bottle. (SMALLER)
Billit alli power steering tank.
Richbrook stainless door cil kick plates.
Pollished alli 20ltr charge cooler tank, (in boot/trunk).
Pollished alli 1.5ltr charge cooler tank header/overflow tank.
G60 Rallye piggyback fuel pump.

Wishlist :
1) BBS Splitties.
2) 4x4.

Totalscore: 268, average:9.93