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Corrado 2.9 VR6

Manufacture Date: 1992
Owner: Jimbo from United Kingdom, South-England
Colorcode: N/A (Non official Corrado color. was delivered from 1988 till 1988)
Bought on date: October 2003

Information / Adjustments :
During an advertising campaign in 1992/3 Volkswagen made 6 one off edtions of their VR6 Corrado model called the Campaign and awarded these to the six dealers who topped the sales/performance charts that year.

The Karmann Campaign Corrado VR6 has the engine and running gear of the standard car: 2861cc, 190bhp engine, traction control for the driving wheels, ABS, 6.5x15 Monte Carlo wheels with 205/50 Vr15 tyres and polished badges.

The external colour is special to the six. Called Dusty mauve pearl effect, it is a very deep mauve which looks almost black is some lights. The interior is where the big changes are apparent.

The heated Recaro seats are trimmed in tan leather with contrasting mauve inserts. Matching leather is also used to trim the doors, the whole of the fascia and console area. The steering wheel retains the standard car’s styling but is trimmed in matching leather.

Totalscore: 90, average:10