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Corrado 2.8 VR6 SLC

Manufacture Date: 1993, model 1993: number 005656
Owner: tomandante from U.S.A., California
Colorcode: LP3G (Flash Red was delivered from 1991 till 1995)
Bought on date: 2008

Information / Adjustments :
I won the 3rd place at the Norcal Dubfest with this corrado and I was told for many Corrado enthusiast that this was one of the cleanest corrado they've seen.

-130k+ miles only
-Techtonics Exhaust.
-Bilstein shocks and H&R springs (it handles like it's on rails)
-Autotech rear strut bar.
-Leather interior, with the normal rip in the rear seat like all the other black leather equipped corrados.
-Momo Shift knob
-Passat sunroof.
-I have the maintenance records.
-Mason Tech aluminum water pipe.
-Low temperature thermostat and thermostat housing
-Spark plug wires by Nology and NGK Spark plugs<BR>

Totalscore: 89, average:9.89