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Corrado 2.0 16V FSI Turbo

Manufacture Date: 1988
Owner: JustinC from Netherlands, Friesland
Colorcode: N/A (Non official Corrado color. was delivered from 1988 till 1988)
Bought on date: oktober 2003

Information / Adjustments :
On this moment she has the following adjustments :

Engine :
* 2.0 16VT FSI MK5 Engine running KDFI management
* Group A with single round pipe exhaust
* Bigger intercooler
* Spal cooling fan

* InPro Clear Headlights
* InPro clear/red taillights
* Clear turnsignals
* Audi A4 door handles
* Lupo GTI wipers
* New VW badge rear in chrome
* New edition Corrado badge (Ultra chrome)
* VR6 Hood
* Mattig RS front bumper
* Clear MK3 turn & foglights
* 17" rimms

Interior :

* Halfleather Recaro's

* Ground Zero rear speakers
* JVC headunit

Wishlist :
Dashboard from a Golf IV or Audi TT
Red or Blue interior lights
Yellowtop Gel Battery
new front window

Totalscore: 752, average:9.52