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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1989
Owner: Sercebu from Spain, Catalonia
Colorcode: LC6V (Green pearl effect was delivered from 1988 till 1993)
Bought on date: 20/02/2000

Information / Adjustments :
1989 Corrado G60.

-Electrics and heaters Recaro's leather beige seats.
-Momo F1 whell.
-Full red led mod switches.
-Double size 16" Kerscher Carmona.
-Coilovers -6cm.
-RC Racing inox deCat and midle exhaust + Fox muffler.
-Refurbished G60.
-K&N 89mm air filter kit.
-RS ported outlet.
-Refurbished PG motor.
-Autotech Shock Therapy 10,4mm wires.
-Bosch platinum sparkplugs.
-Full aluminium VR6 radiator.
-Samco air silicon hoses and metal pipes.
-Venair water silicon kit.
-Black InPro Angel Eyes with xenon and cree bulbs.
-Front Rieger badgeless grille.
-Cristal look tail lights.

Wishlist :
Installing the Lysholm Twinscreew Supercharger.
A front mount intercooler or watercooler kit.
Install Brembos Maxline discs.
Install Girling 60 calipers.
B12 Bilstein kit.
VR6 front and rear axles.
To have time to install a lot of pieces in the garage..

A full hand of paint xD.

Totalscore: 20, average:10